Congratulations! Featuring Large Format Posters and Banners for Graduation

Congratulations, graduates! This month as students finish up final projects and exams, why not consider congratulating them with a custom-made banner? We have a full team of graphic designers ready to sit down with you and create a decorative and congratulatory banner or poster.

Choose from five different material types: lightweight matte, heavyweight matte, heavyweight glossy, lightweight vinyl, and heavyweight vinyl. Our high-quality, large-format machines can print up to 42 inches wide and 144 inches long, and any size in between.

If you’d like to hang your banner from the wall or ceiling, no problem! Our heavy-duty grommets will create a sturdy, reinforced circular cutout in the sides of your banner for easy hanging.

For more information, call us at (314) 863-4111 or send us an email at

congrats graduates

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