Hi/Tec Graphic Design and Printing Services — Introducing Large Format Banners

Whatever your design and printing needs may be, Hi/Tec is the place! We offer a wide variety of printing and finishing services to create professional products for our customers. In addition to helping you print flyers, posters, business cards, envelopes, and a wide variety of other products, our talented graphic designers can design your marketing and promotional materials from start to finish.

Check out this large banner we recently printed for the Taste in Ferguson, a fun event that took place over the weekend. This twelve-foot full-color banner hung at the “Kiddie Corral.” The Taste in Ferguson helps raise money for two scholarship funds in St. kenya Louis, to help families offset the cost of enrolling their children in elementary school and sending them to college.

To see what else our staff can help you print, be sure to visit our Facebook page and stay tuned!

Taste in Ferguson Banner
Take a look at the large format banner we printed for the Taste in Ferguson over the weekend!

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